Monday, July 09, 2007

What is this "True Wife Confessions"

How did it start?

I added the original post that I sent out on June 11, 2006, along with an email to all my blog friends. Amy (Amalah) at her ClubMom blog mentioned it and it just took off from there. Mostly this is spread via word of mouth and emails to friends and message boards.

Am I Truly Anonymous?

Yes. I get the emails that come to True Wife. They go to their own email address. I copy and paste the content of the post into the template of what ever edition I am working on at the moment, then delete it. I don't save the emails, or generally respond to the writer in any way. If you want a response from me - make sure you say so in the email. Otherwise I copy, cut and delete. As I've said, I'm not out to expose anyone - I've got plenty of my own scandal to handle.

Are all of these true?

To my knowledge. They are all from emails that I get from people. I assume they are true. They certainly all sound true.

I sent a confession and I haven't seen it yet - Do you use all confessions?

Yes, I use every confession. There may be a lag between the time I receive the confession and the time that the confession is published in a chapter. This depends on the volume of confessions I receive in any given day. For instance, on the day I am writing this answer, #20 has been published. Today, I am cutting and pasting for #36.

Be patient and keep watching, it will pop up.

Do I have to be married?

No - Partners, lovers, girlfriends are all welcome. It was just a catchy title.

Why do you allow women to whine and complain about their lives?

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you so well. Can you speak up? Go read the Queen Angry Bitch post on the FAQ, that should answer it for you. If not, then fuck you.

Aren't you just encouraging the stereotypical views of husbands and wives?

I suppose it depends on what you mean. My goal is not to man bash. I am married. I do love my husband and have been with him for 15 plus years. The first 20 confessions are mine.

However, I feel there is a definite lack of space for women to say the "unsayable". The things that we, as humans, NEED to say or lose our minds. I may say these things in a therapists office. Others may only have access to a blog like this. You get it out. Then, it either dissipates, gives you the impetus to say it to your partner, or confirms that you have some different choices to make in life.

No one should be unhappy, but the truth is, we sometimes are. Marriage is not easy. Staying married is not easy. And yes, some of us chose the wrong person for the job.
I'd rather it was put out here and the woman/partner have the opportunity to See it and reflect upon it. And yeah, sometimes marriage is really sad. You get to dark places that you never thought you would ever see on your wedding day.

Many emails have thanked me for re-affirming that they are not the only ones who felt this way. It isn't me, though. It is You. You are saying to other women, Yes! mine does that, or Yes! that bugs me too or Yes! Sex isn't so good in my house either.
It isn't judgment from the Cult of Marriage and Motherhood telling us what we should feel or do or how to act. It's simply owning our feelings, our voices.

Who are you?

My name is Dawn.

You can check me out on my other two blogs:
I am doing the best I can
The Gimlet Eye
and the Not Safe For Work Creation
Desperately Seeking...Something?

I am a real person, who swears alot and occasionally drinks a whole bottle of wine and does a photo essay. I'm a Mom and a Wife and a member of Phi Delta Badass. I'm an American who is going to school in Montreal for my Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education, which will only make me more of a danger to humanity. I claim no superiority to anyone. I just try to get through each day without committing a felony.

I have seen some other "True "Blank" Confessions type sites - Is that you?

No. They are not affiliated with me in any way, shape or form. They most likely do not have my permission to be copying the format of this blog.


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